Professional Work

LorneWe were so fortunate to have Veronica Trevisan as part of our team at Eponymous Garden LLC. Eponymous Garden was an exclusive guest rental compound and event locale in downtown Austin that consisted of an 1880 Victorian home, three 1930’s craftsmen bungalows, gardens, a unique museum, “The Wunderkammer”, and a rotating display of local original artwork, which was hung in the main house. She acted as manager, promotional director, booking agent, bookkeeper and curator.
Veronica came to us during an extremely difficult time when the owner was having serious health problems. She was able to take on duties quickly and with minimal instruction. The skill-set that she provided the business was invaluable. Starting from day one, she was brainstorming and researching new ways to attract guests and events to the property and ways for us to lower costs. If there were things that she needed to learn, she used computer resources, professional contacts, seminars and hours of research to get our business into shape.
Some of the things I admire most about Veronica are her abilities to communicate concisely and effectively, her attention to details, and her creativity in handling problems. She is an expert in customer service–our guests often took time to comment about this specifically in their reviews. The bottom line was that she wanted everyone to fully benefit from the unique experience we had created at Eponymous Garden.
I am so grateful to Veronica for her positive attitude and ability to take on such a large tasks for us at a point when we needed it the most. She put new life into our business. Through Veronica’s wise leadership and guidance, we saw unprecedented growth in the two years that she was with us. In 2015 when we decided to sell the property, she was instrumental in helping prepare the compound for sale for a multi-million dollar price”.    
 wester testimonial-MarieliVery professional and reliable services. Great asset for your business if you want to accomplish getting a project done!”


wester testimonial-Ramiro“I attended Veronica’s workshop on Getting You LinkedIn for Successful Results! where she provided input from the perspective of an immigrant like myself….Veronica is also helping me with managing day to day tasks through her company, Wester, so that I can concentrate on expanding my business”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Volunteer Work

Family-Eldercare-LogoClaire Rheaume, MSW-Money Management CM                                                                                                                            “Ms. Veronica Trevisan has been a volunteer with Family Eldercare Money Management department since 2010. She provides ongoing direct service to a low-income, intellectually disabled elderly gentleman who is unable to handle his financial affairs. She makes weekly visits to the client, provides many hours of bill paying assistance and other supports each month.
I have known Ms Trevisan since August 2012 and greatly enjoy working with her and appreciate her dedication both to Family Eldercare and the client she works directly. This client looks forward to seeing her each week and always has a smile on his face when he is with her.
Ms. Trevisan’s compassion, patience and ability to provide clear explanations to the client are critical to her role. She serves as the eyes and ears for Family Eldercare, proactively notifying agency staff of any problems the client is experiencing and advocating for a change in budget or other needs. She is very detail oriented and keeps great records of expenses and has never had an issue with accounting.
Ms Trevisan has been a wonderful volunteer and asset to Family Eldercare staff and clients.


EGBIBarbra Boeta Program Director at Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI)                                                                                  EGBI couldn’t do half of what it does is it wasn’t for volunteers like Veronica. It doesn’t matter what the task, Veronica is always willing to help us out, whether is be at events, or helping us to translate our materials. She is a great ambassador for EGBI!! We are so lucky to have her as a volunteer!!!